Monday, August 11, 2014

Permits filed for the demise of Our Lady of Vilnius Church

According to  New York YIMBY, permits have been filed for the destruction of our church to make way for 18 story condo building.  Read it and weep.  And still pray for a miracle.  Maybe something really interesting will be found under the floorboards.

"Earlier this year, an entity called SoHo Broome Condos LLC, with an address in the Agime Group’s offices, bought up two adjacent mid-block sites at 568-572 Broome Street – one the site of the old Our Lady of Vilnius Church, from Extell (price tag: $18.4 million), and another a small walk-up from a longtime owner ($12.3 million). In total, the new owner paid $600 a foot for the land, which sits just a few dozen feet east of the entrance of the Holland Tunnel.
And now, the developer – listed on the building permit as Selim Aky├╝z, with KSK Construction Group – looks ready to go forward with an 18-story, 30-unit condo building on the site. This morning, his architect of record (Tahir Demircio─člu’s Builtd) filed plans for the 60,800-square foot project.
The 30 condos will be divided among 50,705 square feet of residential floor space (for an average apartment size of nearly 1,700 square feet), plus a small 919-square foot retail bay. The project will apparently not have an affordable component, with the one-third density bonus (which would raise the floor-area ratio from nine to 12) not being enough to compel the developer to participate in the inclusionary housing program.
The Hudson Square area – above Canal and west of Sixth Avenue, generally – was rezoned in 2013 to allow more residential use, which is what enabled this project to go forward. The rezoning did, however, impose fairly strict height limits on the area given the density allowed, and as a result this project will max out at 185 feet. In addition to relatively low ceilings (barely 10 feet from floor to floor), the height limit means builders will not be able to sell as many units with views of the skyline, cutting somewhat into the prices they’ll be able to get for condos."

Friday, July 25, 2014

"Both love and death laugh in the face of self-improvement."

Read Robert Geroux' dotCommonweal post on "Religion and the "Value-Added" Life".  Very Our Lady of Vilnius.

At the noon Mass attended mostly by area workers (and some who took the subway to get there)  Father Eugene would apply the antidote to the insults of work day by telling us that we are the apple of God's eye.
Why haven't I heard it at more Masses?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Furthermore, who are "32 Dominick LLC"?

Company Name:  32 DOMINICK LLC
File Number:  4461359
Filing State:  New York (NY)
Domestic State:  Delaware (DE)
Filing Status:  Active
Filing Date:  September 19, 2013
Company Age:  10 Months
Registered Agent:  
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C T Corporation System
111 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Principal Address:  
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C/O C T Corporation System
111 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Who are "568 Broome Street Partners LLC"?

File Number:  5414732
Filing State:  Delaware (DE)
Filing Status:  Unknown
Filing Date:  October 14, 2013
Company Age:  9 Months
Registered Agent:  
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National Registered Agents, Inc.
160 Greentree Dr Ste 101
Dover, DE 19904

Friday, July 11, 2014

Our Lady of Vilnius Church being demolished as I type...?

A neighbor with a bird's eye view sent me an e-mail saying that contents are being removed from the church and people are demolishing the roof.

If you can take a picture or give us more detail, e-mail us. please.