Saturday, February 25, 2017

Nothing is More Important Than Love

We have a president who campaigned on uniting the country.  His election has created an ideological civil war.  People who have never, in long years of friendship, expressed political views are sending me partisan e-mails.   Political snark has infiltrated my Sunday coffee social. The semiotics of my hair and wardrobe are being interpreted and misinterpreted causing embarrassing entre nous conversations on both sides of the divide.

Don't let politics undermine the ties that bind. Be kind to one another.  

What's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding.  Good God, y'all!  Nuthin!  Hit, Nick and Elvis...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Search for Truth Department: Pope Francis blesses a real estate transaction?

The most recent print issue Catholic New York, the archdiocese's house organ, features an article titled "Pope Francis Blesses Our Lady of Peace Church Sale to Egyptian Coptics"

Here is the part about the papal blessing:

"The overall tone of the letter was hopeful—in no small part due to the blessing of Pope Francis for the Egyptian Coptics to purchase the church to use as their cathedral. “Some months ago, Cardinal Dolan had the occasion to introduce the New York Egyptian Coptic Orthodox bishop, His Grace Bishop David, to the Holy Father, at which time they spoke about their dream to purchase Our Lady of Peace as their cathedral,” the letter states.

“Pope Francis was delighted to learn that your parish, together with the archdiocese, was interested in assisting the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church, in this way,” Bishop O’Hara wrote. Pope Tawadros II of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church and Pope Francis “have communicated with each other” and “both popes have given their blessings.”

  •  The item above states that Pope Tawadros II and Pope Francis and Pope Francis "have communicated with each other."  It does not specify that the communication was about Or Lady of Peace Church
  • The paragraph above states that both Popes have given their blessings.  It does not identify the recipient of the blessings.
The style, the spin, the mental reservation all remind me of the PR materials spewed about the closing of Our Lady of Vilnius.  It's history repeating!

Hit it, Shirley!

Friday, February 17, 2017

St. Stanislaus Kostka Community Loses the Corporeal Presence of Irene Testa

Early this morning a Holy Rosary Society member let us all know that Irene Testa passed on.

Irene had been an altar server at St. Stan's.  I will always picture her in profile at the side of the altar, a slim black-clad sprite with a pixie haircut. Her husband, Vincent, also a St. Stan stalwart, notably passed away the weekend after St. Stanislaus was closed in 2005.  His most visible role in the parish had been to ring the bell summoning us to Mass.

After St. Stanislaus closed Irene continued to travel with the flock, attending our weekly coffee social, most recently with the assistance of her daughter.

While I will miss her, I look forward to sitting across from her again in the perpetual coffee social that I imagine as heaven, where the coffee is always strong, the rolls are always fresh and the butter can't clog our arteries.  We will need a new song because "Sto Lat," 100 years, is a second within an eternity of warm companionship free from the pain of loss.

Read her Journal News obituary HERE.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

RIP Raymond Smullyan

When I attended Lehman College Raymond Smullyan was no longer on the faculty but he was far from gone.  He lingered on in stories and emerged from time to time in the humor and sleight of mind with which his student, Melvin Fitting, got us through the tough sledding of finite automata and computability theory.

I went on to read some of Smullyan's books, which always leave me giddy and full of energy.  Now that he is gone I hope that every mind that he induced to vibrate on his frequency goes forward to do the same for others.

Read his obit in today's New York Times.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Gonna: Another Country Heard From

All rise and sing the anthem this morning with Lazy Shark, coming out of Italy.  This prolific and disciplined musician gives us an introspective rendition with a beautiful guitar accompaniment.

Hit it, Shark...

Thursday, January 26, 2017


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