Wednesday, August 30, 2006

July 31, 2006 - A Day That Will Live in Infamy

Father Sawicki learns that Cardinal Egan would like to close the parish

The following is a mailing sent out to inform parishioners and given them the opportunity to petition the Cardinal for the repair of the roof and the continued life of the parish: (To obtain a copy of this petition as a pdf file e-mail me and request "Petition"

Our Lady of Vilnius R.C. Church
32 Dominick St.
New York, NY 10013
Tel. 255-2648
FAX 212 924-6210

From our Sunday bulletin, August 6, 2006…

On Monday, July 31st, on his return to the rectory after the 12:15 Mass, Fr. Eugene received a message from the office of the Cardinal asking him to report a few hours later for a meeting with His Eminence. At that meeting, Father was informed that the church of Our Lady of Vilnius would be closed. No definite time was set for the closing, but it was indicated that it would be before winter.

We learned on Wednesday, August 2nd, while speaking with the director of the insurance department of the Archdiocese, that the closing of our church was part of the realignment process,- a fact that we had not been made aware of. Those parishes whose closing had been projected had the option of appealing the decision. We do not know if we have this option.

Fr. Eugene has repeatedly said that our’s is the church of Our Blessed Mother and if it is her will, it will remain open. We leave the decision in her hands. However, let us do all our power, by action AND PRAYER.

The Lay Trustees of our parish (Joseph Pantuliano and Joy McAleer) along with the very able assistance of Joseph Zaccaria and other members of the Parish Council are preparing an appeal and look forward to the opportunity of presenting it. Any assistance from parishioners will be appreciated. We would also welcome from parishioners a signed statement asking the church roof be repaired with insurance funds and that the church not be closed. In our opinion, insurance funds should be used for repair, not demolition.

Please sign and return to us as soon as possible. MANY THANKS!

A request to His Eminence Edward Cardinal Egan
That the Church of Our Lady of Vilnius NOT BE CLOSED.



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