Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Our Story is told in "Amerikos Lietuvos"

Article about our church in Lithuanian-American Weekly

It's a good thing that I can visit Our Lady of Vilnius to immerse myself in the language or ask a friend to translate.

It's the only Lithuanian church in the Archdiocese of New York!


Anonymous said...

Do you really think they care? Ethnic parishes are especially repugnant to them (the Chancery). Just look at what they did to the Armenian Church of St. Ann's. They only want the real estate. Solution? Occupy the Church, 24/7 and call numerous press conferences. They hate the publicity. Don't trust them and don't give up!

Nobody's Wife said...

Thanks for the comment and the advice. Please let me know why ethnic parishes are especially repugnant to them. I think that there is something special about a church that remains a living tradition of its founders. I sang in the choir of a Polish-American church where I shared the loft with two young men who were half Filipino, half African-American. They thought singing the Polish Christmas carols was fun. Ironically, the argument the Archdiocese has presented for closing 2 ethnic parishes with which I am familiar is that we are not ethnic enough to justify our existence!