Sunday, October 15, 2006

Numbers Cannot Express the Value of Our Parish

After Mass today we were discussing the criteria by which the Archdiocese evaluates a parish (aka the "Realignment Guidelines"). We were trying to see how we could come up with more: more registered parishioners, more weddings, more baptisms.

At this point, Father Sawicki stepped forward to affirm the value of our parish.He cited:

  • The daily 12:10 PM Eucharist attended by the local office workers and residents, adding that if Our Lady of Vilnius was not here, these people would not be able to attend Mass within the time constraints of their lunch hour.
  • Confessions heard and counsel given around the clock. Father added, on a personal level that could not occur in a mega-church.
  • Weddings, baptisms and funerals of parishioners that have been held in other churches because our sanctuary has been closed for 3 years.
  • Private weddings
  • Social gatherings where people get to know each other, where bonds are formed and where a community of people who respect and help each other is forged.

To which we could all agree and offer our thanks to God for the great gift and privilege of being here.

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