Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Upcoming Events in Our Lady of Vilnius Church Hall

I previously posted on these events in Lithuanian with a cut and paste from an e-mail from Gintare. Below I've done another cut and paste from Raimundas at Save Our Lady of Vilnius, who has put up information on the events and the sponsoring organization in English.

"New Yorkers By Our Side" (Niu Jorkieciai Salia Musu) which has brought a renewed energy to a part of the community often seen as difficult to reach. Inevitably, this group, although secular, is serving to raise interest in the church's activities and bringing new involvement and increased attendance at church services, as well.


10/13/06 8pm-Students of renowned Lithuanian jazz master Vladimir Chekasin reunite for a very special live concert of original compositions entitled, appropriately, "Reunion." Suggested donation at the door is $10. Organizer: New Yorkers By Our Side.

10/20/06-As a continuation of a concert the previous day at Symphony Space in New York City, organized by the Lithuanian Consulate and the World Music Institute, Veronika Povilioniene brings her folklore ensemble "Blezdinga" to Our Lady of Vilnius parish hall. There will be a program tailored to kids at 7pm, followed by music and discussion aimed at grown-ups at 8. Organizer: New Yorkers By Our Side.

Visit Save Our Lady of Vilnius for information about our parish and our cause. It is more comprehensive and less opinionated than my blog, and important information doesn't float to the bottom!

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