Monday, December 25, 2006

The Midnight Orations of Jellybean

Yow! Reah! Ahem, ahem. What the...? Hmmm. Ow! Can you turn on a light for me? I'm not a kitten anymore. Hey! Pour 3 cat-toes of Scotch into that saucer, if you please... Mmmm. Prrrrrrrr. Where's that catnip cigar I was playing with before?...Mmmmm. While you're up, can you dial the Chancery for me? What do you mean they're not answering? I just wanted to wish Cardinal Egan "Linksmu Kaledu"! He should have come to Kucios. By the way, is any of "that fish" left over? Would you mind going across the courtyard to get it for me? Mmmmm. Sit over there, I'd like to jump into your lap. Mmmmm. A little under the chin. Mmmmmm. Sorry about those doors. Nice music. Prrrr. Hodie, Christus natus est....

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