Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"New York" magazine article about Cardinal Egan

This week's "New York" magazine features David Gibson's article The Cardinal's Sins, captioned "Edward Egan did the dirty job he was hired to do with less pain than anyone thought possible. So why can’t his priests wait to get rid of him?"

A quote regarding the realignment:

"But Egan took his time with the process, spending three years on a plan and responding to appeals to spare several parishes and schools."

If you disagree about the pain, the care and the responsiveness, fire off a letter to New York magazine educating the author and the public by sharing your personal experience.

The article is also addressed by Paul Gallicho in the Commonweal Magazine blog post. The post is followed by some lively reader commentary.

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Anonymous said...

I wrote in September a letter to The Villager about Cardinal Egan and Our Lady of Vilnius Church, which was entitled Cardinal Sin. New York magazine aptly used the title for their expose of this lackluster prelate. Saulius Simoliunas