Thursday, February 22, 2007

Our Lady of Vilnius Press Watch

The Associated Press item published in the New York Post earlier today ("Hail Mary Pass") is appearing in an increasing number of outlets, which I will continue to update here:

Lithuanian pres. asks NY not to close church,, Eyewitness News

President of Lithuania Makes Plea to Keep Manhattan Church Open my Fox, New York

President of Lithuania Asks N.Y. Archdiocese Not to Close Church 1010WINS

The item contains the customary misleading information provided ad nauseam to the media:

"But the archdiocese says that the parish only draws 100 or so parishioners and that there have been no weddings or baptisms there in years. "

It omits the fact that the parish is self-sustaining, debt free and takes no money from the Archdiocese. Regarding the weddings and baptisms, the Archdiocese does not freely make known that all services have been held in the basement dancehall for 3 years. The Archdiocese has not approved necessary repairs to the sanctuary's roof beams despite repeated requests from the parish. Most people like to celebrate momentous sacraments in an actual church. The Archdiocese has actually cultivated the supposedly bleak statistics that they now quote in argument for the church's closure.

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courageous lithuanians !