Saturday, March 17, 2007

With Jesus in the desert for Lent

It is only 3 weeks since I last received Communion from Father Sawicki under the disco ball in Our Lady of Vilnius basement, but it feels much longer. Since I can no longer attend the Eucharistic Celebration formerly held there, I am sadly fulfilling my Sunday obligation at the most convenient time at any nearby parish to which I do not belong.

Now that Father Eugene is not standing before us, on Sundays at noon, Joy leads us in prayer in front of the locked church and offers a few words of direction regarding our prayer.

After our unwitting last Mass on February 25, after Father announced his meeting with the Cardinal the next day, Ray asked us all to stop and say a prayer for Father and our parish at 9:00 AM, the time of the anticipated meeting. I did, and I think we all did.

I am asking everyone: all parishioners and all who care about us and our cause to unite with us in prayer at 12:00 PM every Sunday as we join Joy in front of our church and Jesus and Father Eugene in the desert for a Lent of unclear duration.

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