Sunday, April 01, 2007

7 Online and NY1 Capture Today's Protest Outside the Cathedral

7 Online was on hand for what could have been Cardinal Egan's last Palm Sunday Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. While they were there, they caught our demonstration on video.

A sound byte from Ramute: "We'd like him to go," said Ramute Zukas from St. Vilnius. "We would hope that the next cardinal coming in would be much more receptive to our cause and receptive to the Lithuanian national church."

Likewise, NY1 was there for similar reasons. Read their piece, Christians, Jews Prepare for Holy Week, Passover. NY1's video can be seen below:

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Anonymous said...

You do a good job with vigils and protests. However, do not forget of starting the complaint in civil court agaist Cardinal Sin for destroyng NY landmark as the monument to Lithuanian immigrants. No judge and no jury will go agaist you, for you have won the public support. Saulius Simoliunas