Saturday, April 28, 2007

Good News from "Lietuvos Rytas"

Saulius Simoliunas has been taking up the cudgels for Our Lady of Vilnius in at least 2 languages in many online forums. When I feel most punch-drunk from the closure of the parish, his comments invigorate me and I go forth to blog again. This morning his comment on a previous post drew my attention to an article in the the Lithuanian daily "Lietuvos Rytas," V.Adamkui popiežius žadėjo padėti išsaugoti lietuvių bažnyčią Niujorke (papildyta, nuotraukos) .

According to Saulius, "President Adamkus met the Pope this morning and the Pope promised to save our Lady of Vilnius Church in New York". Unfortunately, I cannot read Lithuanian to corroborate this. Another Saulius closer to home left a message on my answering machine paraphrasing the article as follows:

"The Pope promised to try to save the Lithuanian church in Manhattan. President Adamkus is happy that the Pope has shown so much interest in Lithuanian parishes overseas."

Pray to Our Lady, John Paul II, the Holy Spirit, St. Jude and anyone else you can think of that this news is true and that we are closer to having our spiritual home restored to us.

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