Monday, April 30, 2007

Recent Events: Media Update

dotCommonweal weighs in with a post by Grant Gallicho entitled Cardinal Egan & parish closings redux. The post synthesizes information from a variety of sources. Posts are often followed by a lively forum of regulars.

Catholic News Service online has picked up the story of President Adamkus' meeting with Pope Benedict XVI.

Video of President Adamkus' meeting with the Pope excerpted from Lithuanian television and captioned in English:

Press release about the meeting between President Adamkus and Pope Benedict XVI from the Lithuanian government web site. Re Our Lady of Vilnius, NYC:

"President Adamkus also spoke to Pope Benedict XVI about the decision to close the Our Lady of Vilnius Roman Catholic Church in New York – a decision that was very upsetting for the whole of Lithuania since it raised a wave of disappointment among the faithful.

Valdas Adamkus pointed out that almost a century ago Lithuanian immigrants in America built, using their own funds, the Church of Our Lady of Vilnius to have a place for worship and witness their love and faith in God. With time the church acquired yet another mission: it became a center fostering not only religious belief but also Lithuanian culture and national identity.

The Holy Father said that he knew about this problem and promised to discuss it with American bishops."


Anonymous said...

Adamkus met with the Pope on Saturday, but before that time the church was dismantled. Because of parisioners' protest Cardinal Bernard Law got the boot from the last Pope. Something similar is in the works for Egan. Fie also on Lithuania's hierarchy for their doubletalk and fie on their unworthy peons Baltakis and Putrimas. Glory to the fighting parishioners! Saulius Simoliunas

Nobody's Wife said...


Thanks for your encouragement.