Wednesday, May 02, 2007

dotCommonweal digs deeper and presents new information

At least new to me and I'm a major yenta. In today's post, Our Lady of Vilnius: protected site defaced, Grant Gallicho clarifies the church's status under a 2002 agreement "to protect and preserve the cultural heritage of all national, religious,or ethnic groups that reside or resided in [each country's] territory,"

He presents a copy of a letter dated 2/23/2007 that was written by Warren L Miller, Chariman of the United States Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad, to Cardinal Egan. This letter respectfully requests the Cardinal to reconsider his decision to close the church. Cardinal Egan had the church locked and occupied on February 27, 2007 while Father Sawicki was meeting with him.

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Anonymous said...

I predict that Our Lady of Vilnius Church will be reopened and repaired. The furor that the parishioners have wrought will scare Egan not to sell the Church to developers for millions of dollars. The Lithuanian hierarchy is bewailing the furor, too, because its duplicity has been exposed. Putrimas had the nerve to chair a meeting for preservation of Lithuanian churches last weekend in Piladelphia. Dear parishioners, keep up your great work! Saulius Simoliunas

Nobody's Wife said...

Saulias, thanks for your encouragement. They seem so powerful and ruthless. We have all been praying to Our Lady for her help and protection.