Saturday, June 16, 2007

Matt Dillonauskas, where are you?

Our ruling was mentioned as an aside in the June 11th "Village Voice" item, "Matt Dillon, Patron Saint of St. Brigid's?" The post highlights Matt Dillon coming to the defense of St. Brigid's, which he came to know through a movie shoot. Salient quote:

"“It's unbelievable to me that the Catholic Church would even consider destroying it,” Dillon told the Voice, adding, “If the city keeps going the way it's going with all this new development, it's going to end up looking like Toronto.”

Replace "St. Brigid's" with "Our Lady of Vilnius" and "Ireland" with "Lithuania" and every word of the article would ring as true.

Our Lady of Vilnius needs an angel. Matt Dillonauskas, where are you?

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