Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Neither More Nor Less

Back on March 1, when we were still reeling from the closure of our church, Bob Arihood came west, took some photos of our vigil and published a post, Our Lady of Vilnius is closed.... I found the acknowledgement of our loss and our sadness very comforting. Someone from outside our little circle came and bore witness.

Last Thursday (6/7/07) Colin Moynihan of "The New York Times" acknowledged Bob's work in a piece entitled On a Corner, a Shutter Clicks as Poets and Punks Pass in Review. The article describes a small slice of East Village life as it is being observed and documented by Mr. Arihood.

The blog, Neither More Nor Less, focuses on the people and creatures that survive and, perhaps, prevail in what can be an anonymous and harsh environment.

Our Lady of Vilnius is closed, but this blog consoles me because it is very much in our spirit.


Bob Arihood said...

thank you for your kind and supportive words ;perhaps through faith ,good works and charity you can somehow prevail in your quest to save your parish and church .

Bob Arihood

Nobody's Wife said...

Bob passed on earlier this year. I am honored to have received these words of encouragement from him. We must remember to keep him in our prayers.