Friday, July 27, 2007

Our Lady of Vilnius Pre-Demolition?

This morning I was alerted to an item in yesterday's "The Villager." "Scoopy's Notebook" features a paragraph titled "Vilnius 'predemolition' work:'

As yet unaware of this press item, we met to discuss our status and our options. Though the Archdiocese denies intent to demolish and/sell, intent can change, and rapidly, in New York City. In the past week we have seen notices alerting us to rat bait in the area and Shannon Abatement, Inc. has posted a notice on the door.

After our meeting, Rita and I went to the church to pray. We place a silver cross and a small icon of Our Lady of Vilnius in the center of the steps. We held hands and prayed to Our Lady in English and Lithuanian for her guidance and expressed our desire for the survival of the church

As we prayed, two men opened the side door. One man went to a double parked truck and pulled it to the curb closest to the door. The other man handed him one parcel enclosed in a thick black plastic bag. He placed this in the truck, then went back for another and did the same. He then returned the truck to its previous position. The men looked at us with some curiousity, then one of them took out a cell phone and made a call.

Against all odds, we continue to meet and plan and pray. We share food and joy and sorrow, as we did when the church was open. We ask you to join us in prayer and to share your ideas and reactions with us. You can e-mail me at

We thank you for your prayers and support. It strengthens us to know that you are with us.

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Anonymous said...

The sneaky cardinal closed the church while meeting with the parish priest and later with Lithuania's consul. LA cardinal Mohony stonewalled the charges against pedophile priests, but agreed recently to pay the fines of 800 million dollars. We kare demanding that the pope will recall the vicious prelates and save the Church. Saulius Simoliunas