Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Please, all pray for restoration

A reader comments on the "New York Observer" article:

"It is sad that a person professing Christianity did not display basic human courtesy in dealing with a such a sensitive matter. Did he not learn, kindness, need to take the members of the church into confidence, bending backwards to preserve heritage, etc. as part of his training before he became Cardinal. The lines of argument used to justify his action smell of deep commercialisation rather than rationality or religion. In her narration, McAleer recalls an earlier visit by this person. May be he had an intention to retire in this place, after he turned 75. Now that he has,may be has ideas. Members must carefully watch. Also what of the valuables and other parts of the structure? Law is not good enough to save this Church? Human mind and will of God, will surely outbeat such diabolic intentions. I pray for the restoration."

Read the article and reader comments on "The New York Observer" Site: Cardian Egan Paints Himself and Unhappy Ending

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