Friday, August 03, 2007

Jeremiah Moss: I met him at the Moondance Diner

In the blogosphere, that is. I was reading up on the departure of the Moondance and I followed a link to his blog, Jeremiah's Vanishing New York a.k.a. the Book of Lamentations. In his profile, he describes himself as "Still hunkered down in the East Village, waiting for the wrecking ball of gentrification to find me. Until then, I'll write this ongoing obituary for my dying city."

Though this blog implies that I am a one-trick pony obsessed with saving Our Lady of Vilnius, I recognize that the endangerment of our church is one part of a larger, more insidious process: a process that threatens the city with the prospect of an impoverished environment of economic, aesthetic and possibly spiritual uniformity.

I gravitated to Our Lady of Vilnius. I stuck to it like a magnet to steel. What will attract me when all these beloved places are gone?

Check in with Brooks, Jeremiah and Bob to celebrate what lives and to mourn what is gone.


Anonymous said...

Even if the archdiocese destroys our Lady of Vilnius Church, the atatute of limitations allows to sue the archdiocese within five years, no matter who will be archbishop or the pope. The record shows that lithuania's president and general consul as well Mr. Miller asked the archdiocese not to destroy this cultural monument and the archdiocese ignored their pleas as the pleas from parishioners and the Lithuanian community. Saulius Simoliunas

Jeremiah Moss said...

Hi, thanks for the referral. It's literally a sin what's happening to places of worship in this city--St. Ann's on 12th St. was demolished for NYU dorms, St. Brigid's on Ave B is in the process of being demolished and will no doubt be replaced by condos. A city that is hostile to anyone who isn't wealthy is a city that is slowly committing suicide.

Nobody's Wife said...

These blogs that I cited are really a comfort to me. It's nice to know that there are pockets of people out there who care about the loss of the city's character and soul.

Jeremiah Moss said...

I agree. We are not alone! I added a post on Our Lady of Vilnius to my blog--thanks for the tip. And good luck saving your church.