Thursday, September 20, 2007

Aches and Pains in the Mystical Body

I will confess to the world that I am wounded. We are wounded as a parish and, we bear our individual wounds as well. Despite pain and damage, we continue to move forward, supporting each other, sometimes dragging each other. As we move, we heal.

One part of the body cannot be wounded without every cell responding. As people, egos, we are not necessarily aware of this response. The brain thinks of an injury to the foot as a remote annoyance: an impediment, an obstacle. The "I" is annoyed because the afflicted part can’t function to fulfill the personal agenda.

The whole body needs to heal. To do so, each part needs the care and loving attention of the other.

I am thankful to everyone at Our Lady of Vilnius who has held me up and dragged me forward so that I can remain among them. May the decision making organs of this Mystical Body respond to this wound that is Our Lady of Vilnius with love and energy to heal.

Pray to Our Lady. She is with us despite the removal of her painting. We are all under her watchful and protective eye.

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