Friday, November 02, 2007

Joe endorses zeppelinai!

Last evening we crowded around Danute's table. As a surprise she had prepared zeppelinai for us, a meal that she had told us would be "a little snack."

This is a labor intensive Lithuanian culinary specialty that requires much grating of potatoes. It also requires knowledge, skill and experience to get everything right so that the "zeppelin" does not fall apart when dropped in boiling water to cook. If any dish embodies love, this is it.

The gathering was attended by Joe, one of our Italian-American parishioners. This was his initiation into Lithuanian cuisine. We watched him like he was El Exigente from the old coffee commercial. He smiled and and announced with obvious pleasure "This is good! This is tasty!"

Danute's long-time friend, Laima, took a photo album off the shelf. It was a compendium of good times shared among friends, many of them OLV parishioners. This made me reflect on how much more difficult the disruption of the parish was for those who had attended the church for a longer time than I and strengthened my resolve to pray and work for its restoration.

Thanks to Danute for preparing this feast for all of us occasionally sinful saints and for gracing us with her presence every Sunday.

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ray j said...

My mother made them and i feel the urge to make them myself now even though as stated it's tricky and labor intensive. There is a bacon and onion garnish which highlights the meal. I can make kugelis, but this is about 1 step beyond.

Ray J