Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mother Mary - Merciful Mother of God

Mary calls us to be brave witnesses of faith in the contemporary world

My mentors in Lithuanian culture have sent me more information about the annual pilgrimage which, this year, takes place in Vilnius from November 11 to November 18.

Every year there is a theme. This year's theme is "Mother Mary - Merciful Mother of God". The general prayer intention is "To be brave witnesses of faith in the contemporary world."

The first three days of the prayer vigil are focused on the God's mercy as it is expressed in Mary's life.

The focus of the second part of the feast reminds us that Mary is a symbol of the church. Therefore, the mercy of God is to be expressed in the life of the Church, as Mary expressed God's mercy in her life.

We heed Mary's call as we strive to save our home, save our community of faith and preserve our spiritual and cultural heritage.

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