Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ask Blessed George Matulaitis to intercede for the sick of our community

for restoring health

Lord Jesus Christ, you teach us that if two or three will ask for something in your name, it will be granted them by your heavenly Father. Encouraged by this promise, we turn to you in all confidence that through the intercession of your faithful servant Blessed George you would restore to health those whom we recommend to your mercy and especially for ...(here mention the name of the person you wish to pray for) who places all hope in you.

In you, O Lord, we have placed our trust, may we not be put to shame now and throughout eternity!


I am posting this now so that parishioner Dalia, who is seriously ill right now, may benefit from the prayers of all who read this. Dalia is a kind, intelligent and gentle woman who is always missed whenever she is absent from our gatherings. She is an opera lover who sang alto in the Our Lady of Vilnius choir and always lends a melodius base to "Marija, Marija" when we gather in front of the church. Her opera buddies are missing her enthusiasm and the memories of various opera performances that she shared as interesting sidelights to the operas that they attended together. She was the first person who reached out to me in welcome when I began attending Our Lady of Vilnius and taught me many important things about the ethos and culture of Lithuania.

I encourage everyone to say this prayer to Blessed George Matulaitis for Dalia and for all who are currently sick.

Father Matulaitis came to Our Lady of Vilnius, offered Mass and confirmed several parishioners on July 29, 1926.

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