Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Concert Tomorrow at Paul Hall

One of the joys of Our Lady of Vilnius, even though we worshipped in the basement dancehall, was the presence of Edvinas Minkstimas. He shepherded the ad hoc choir through the Lithuanian liturgy and coaxed a beautiful Communion meditation out of our battered and yellow-toothed grand piano every week.

It was marvelously incongruous to have a musician of his calibre creating beauty for our liturgy in a barroom that time forgot.

We no longer have our retro dancehall, but you can hear Edvinas play tomorrow:

Paul Hall, Juilliard School of Music
144 W. 66 Street, West of Broadway
6:00 PM

Follow Edvinas' career on his new website, complete with blog, www.minkstimas.com

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