Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Friend in the Blogosphere

Our story, complete with pictures is featured in BrianC's blog, "My Tears Spoiled My Aim." Friday's post, titled Our Lady of Vilnius tells our whole story complete with pictures.

Salient quote:
"One of my favorites in the category of "small parish churches" is Our Lady of Vilnius, founded in 1905 to minister to the city's Lithuanian population. Like so many small churches throughout the five boroughs, this parish serves as a focal point for the neighborhood, even long after much of the local Lithuanian population has moved elsewhere. Located on Dominick Street in Soho, it sits just opposite the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, and for years I've noticed it with curiosity as we've left the city for destinations far afield."

Though not gone, we are close to forgotten by the media and by those who do not believe in miracles. Thanks BrianC for noticing and valuing what we, too, hold dear. Now I have another blog to visit when I feel like my sensibility is going extinct.

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