Saturday, August 09, 2008

Really worth archiving...really

This photo is from Frank Lynch's blog,Really not worth archiving...really. I do not know Mr. Lynch and I have not yet explored his site to the extent that I would like to, but I thank him very much for strolling down our dead end block and noticing our plight.

Because our Lithuanian flags are flying and mostly Lithuanians are gathering in public to pray and spread the word, it is easy for the public to perceive the loss of our church as very circumscribed, but it is not. Like ripples from a stone plunked into a still pond, the consequences of loss spread out to affect many, even those who we think are anonymous and impervious, walking down Varick Street or sitting in their cars waiting to enter the Holland Tunnel.

Thanks again to Frank Lynch. Let's get to know him by visiting his site.

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