Saturday, January 03, 2009

Powerful Enough to Evict God?

Cant't He refuse to leave?

Some recent views of the interior of St. Stanislaus

One of the first questions in the Balitmore Catechism asks "Where is God?" The answer provided is "God is everywhere". I am not knowledgeable about canons and rituals other than the Mass and major sacraments, but I surmise that a ritual of "deconsecration" has taken place. This ritual seems to legitimize the removal and sequestration of the more valuable contents and the transformation of the remaining contents into garbage, now devoid of all value, especially sentimental value and garden variety familiarity.

I have not seen the interior of St. Stanislaus since the church was deconsecrated and dismantled. To me it is sad and unsettling; my visceral response is nausea.

My only hope is that He has refused to leave both St. Stanislaus and Our Lady of Vilnius. No matter what words were said and gestures made, I cannot believe that He is gone from these places were so many people have prayed and felt His presence in the silence.

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