Saturday, February 14, 2009

An Appeal from an Artist: "Everyone Needs Miracles"

Artist Suzannah Troy lives across town from Our Lady of Vilnius. Last year she learned about our plight and expressed her empathy for our situation. Suzannah has been a strong public champion of the humanity and soul of New York City.

In response to receiving our appeal for funds, she made this YouTube video expressing support for our cause. Please look and listen.

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Ellen Halloran said...

Wow! The power of the internet and the blogging community is truly astounding. I really appreciate and am thankful for someone coming forward to lend their help to our efforts to save Our Lady Of Vilnius. St. Ann's on 12th Street was a beautifull church and has now been replaced with an architectural monstrosity totally out of proportion to the all other buildings in the East Village. Thank you Suzanna B. Troy for lending your voice to help save our parish community!
Ellen Halloran