Friday, February 06, 2009

Drumbeat for Cardinal Egan's Retirement is Louder, Faster and Funnier

Posts about Cardinal Egan's impending retirement and replacement have been increasing in frequency over the past week. On Wednesday the New York Times addressed this phenomenon in its piece, Choice of a New Archbishop Is Near, Peaking Speculation Suggests Our Archbishop's piano has been under surveillance. Its whereabouts is akin to the puffs of smoke emitted from the Vatican during a papal election.

The regulars at dotCommonweal are having a lot of fun with this topic in Cathleen Kaveny's post The Next Archbishop of New York. The jewel in the crown is Colbert 'Top Candidate' for Archbishop of New York. The ensuing forum is hilarious. David Nickol offers this video as evidence of Colbert's dynamism and spirituality.

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