Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Archbishop Dolan Reflects on His First Year: Affably Refers to Financial Woes of Archdiocese (and Remedies)

Archbishop Dolan sat down for an interview with ABC Local and reflected, but not terribly deeply, on his first year at the helm of the Archdiocese of New York. Amidst the humor and charm, a stark message:

"Whammy number one, more people are coming to church for help. Whammy number two, we have less money to give out," Dolan said.

His predecessor, Cardinal Egan, closed many schools and parishes to help balance church finances. It's a painful process and one that may not be over.

"Will there be future school closings? I wish I could say no. I sure hate doing it, but I'm sure there will be," he said."

When there are, please consult us for advice.

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Ellen Halloran said...

It's unfortunate that Archbishop Dolan's response to serious questions is usually a big grin and laughter. None of this is funny. The Archdiocese seems to be ignoring contrarian logic - the more churches and schools they close the less money there will be coming in for all the people seeking help.