Wednesday, April 07, 2010

New York Times: Please give us the anti-Dowd

In one of her recent columns Maureen Dowd proposed installing a Nope, a Pope drawn from the population of nuns, in the Vatican. As a Roman Catholic New York Times subscriber I am begging the Times to administer the anti-dote to her poison pen: the anti-Dowd.

Since when does an Irish surname and some childhood reminiscences qualify someone to produce what the innocent might misconstrue as analysis?

Please give us the anti-Dowd: Father James Martin, SJ. He made his way in the secular world before becoming a priest, he writes well and is, needless to say, well catechized. He has appeared on your op-ed page before, to good effect.

Both sides of this controversy have sent in the clowns. Now send us a ringmaster.

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Staten Pilgrim said...

As much as I love reading my Sunday Times, I just canceled my subscription. They can't slander my Pope and throw mud on my Faith and expect me to fund it.