Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"The Villager" makes an interesting suggestion

While many of us are slaving over a hot tax return, a Villager editorial, "Trump’s edifice complex" reflects on Friday's opening of Trump's condotel on the corner of Varick and Spring Streets. The editorial decries the zoning regulations that allow structures of this size to irreversibly alter the character of the neighborhood and change the quality of life. But given that the tower is already there, the author goes for the silver lining:

"Maybe Trump and Co. can bring some of their clout to addressing Hudson Square’s pressing traffic concerns. Former congregants from shuttered Lithuanian church Our Lady of Vilnius, on Broome St., have long said that the church would be in greater demand once the Trump Soho was built.

Who knows? Maybe if Trump got involved, this historic church could be resurrected."


Anonymous said...

Makes you think that someone at The Villager is reading this blog!

Nobody's Wife said...

I'm happy that anyone's reading it. If Joseph Zwilling, Cardinal Egan and Archbishop Dolan or the Pope read it, my happiness would be complete.