Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Lady of Vilnius, NYC: Revitalising the Church by Brawling in the Saloon of the Blogosphere

"The Catholic blogosphere been described as a Wild West, where barroom brawls are commonplace and mob lynchings not unheard of..."

The Catholic Herald (UK) has published the full text and address given by their chief feature writer, Anna Arco, to the World Press Congress in Rome. The piece, titled The wild west of the blogosphere can revitalize the Church is a thoughtful and optimistic piece about bloggers, their relationship to professional journalism and their role in evangelization. Salient quotes:

"It is true that the tone in the blogosphere is often angry – and sometimes not without cause. People have turned to blogs because they have not been heard, because their concerns are not being listened to or even taken seriously. If their criticism of local bishops is uncharitable, it is possibly because is a real rupture in the communion of the Church that needs to be addressed. I know of more than one case where Church authorities have attempted to shut down blogs that are critical, using arguably the same sort of aggressive tactics they accuse the bloggers of using."

Church authorities using aggressive tactics to shut something down! I'm shocked!

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