Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today is the Feast of Our Patroness: Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn

"As we end let us thank God the Almighty for sparing this church many times in the past. The construction of the Holland Tunnel in the early twenties, the Great Depression of the early thirties, World War I, II, the Korean and Vietnam wars. These indeed had left it with scars and loss of membership. But like the Phoenix we are survivors and rise from the ashes awaiting our 100 anniversary. As experience has already proven, we can rest assured that Our Lady of Vilnius - The Worker of the Aušros Vartai will lead us and our future heirs fo a brighter day in the years ahead."

- Dailia Bulvicius, parishioner,"90 Years for God and Country", 1995

Committe member and leader of Sunday prayers, Rita S. recently returned from Lithuania. While there, she requested Masses for the intention of our parish. On November 14th she relayed the following message: "Intention for our church was held TODAY in Ausros Vartai chapel!!!.And all feast week masses will be held for us every day!!!...And it is "original mother church" in Vilnius. Prayers for us in this special time at Ausros vartai feast are priceless."

Let us unite in prayer with those worshipping in the Gate of Dawn in Vilnius, thanking Our Lady for her protection and asking her for her help in the future.

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salne said...

Thank You Kristina.As more people pray at that time,as more devine strengh and suppert we get.I almost feel that atmosphere at Ausros vartai every day.All the best for You.
Rita Stelmokiene