Friday, December 24, 2010

Room for Our Lady of Vilnius in the inn?

If we were Mexican, we might take our posada to Archbishop Dolan's residence or the Chancery. We would knock on the door and chant and ask for a place for Jesus to be born.

Our presence across the street from St. Patrick's Cathedral on Sunday is our posada. When we sing "Marija, Marija" we are asking for entry, a place among the "in," if not in the "inn."

Our canonical appeal and our civil lawsuit are our knocking. Can't the Archdiocese let us in instead of installing a stronger door and bigger locks?

Pray for us this Christmas. When you remember your loved ones who have gone before, ask them for their help in finding room in the inn. In any case, the love of Jesus is alive and burning in our hearts.

linksmų šventų Kalėdų, buon Natale, feliz Natal and a blessed Christmas to all!

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Anonymous said...

I wrote this month in Lithuanian newspaper Dirva about the renovation of Lithuanian Hall in Detroit with 2.2 million dollars from the State funds. I said that Our Lady of Vilnius Church has to meet similar fate with renovation from Archdiocese and City funds. And I thanked the good parishioners and their supporters for keeping up the good fight for the most noble cause. Saulius Simoliunas