Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Mystery in The Villager's article: Whodunnit? Got a clue?

Albert Amateu's recent article on the Our Lady of Vilnius (Vilna), "Lady of Vilna appeal goes to the state's highest court" contained one curious statement:
"Instead, Blaudzinas said the congregation is looking into “the possibility of starting a new dialogue.” Leaders of the congregation met with New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan and hope that he finds favor with their cause,Blaudzinas said."

I view a "congregation" as a religious entity with a clerical leader. I do not view our movement to restore the parish of Our Lady of Vilnius as a "congregation" and no one that I recognize as my leader has met with the Archbishop regarding the parish. Could they be referring to this meeting? Who are my mystery leaders and what is their cause?


Anonymous said...

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Nobody's Wife said...

It is my personal wish to see the case proceed and arrive at a legal resolution. I would not like to see the case of Our Lady of Vilnius result in a negotiated outcome that satisfies the Lithuanian aspect of the equation but ignores the needs of the local community and circumvents the issues of how the Archdiocese of New York regards parishes and treats parishioners when parishes are suppressed.