Thursday, April 21, 2011

Would this effect the Print...,er, Hudson Square?

The eradication of history was apparently proceeding nicely until the acronyms began sounding too silly. Today's NY Times informs us that Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries is writing legislation that would require city approval for name changes, punish realtors for making up new names and extending the boundaries of the more upscale districts. Salient quote from Mr. Jeffries:
“Neighborhoods have a history, culture and character that should not be tossed overboard whenever a Realtor decides it would be easier to market under another name,”
I hope he succeeds. I would hate to see Our Lady of Vilnius quarantined in WeVaNeHoTu, should it become aesthetically unacceptable to Hudson Square.

Visit the Times to read "ProCro, SoBro, FiDi, BoCoCa: A Lawmaker Says, ‘Enough'" by Cara Buckley.

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Ellen Halloran said...

"WeVaNeHoTu" - sounds like one of those countries that derives a large part of it's income from issuing stamps that will never actually be used to mail anything!