Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crystal Cathedral to become RC?

My print version of the New York Times arrived this morning with Ian Lovett's story, Bankrupt Evangelical Megachurch May Get a Roman Catholic Makeover, though the e-version has a publication date of yesterday. Now that Jason Berry has piqued my interest in the secret life of money, these articles increasingly snag my attention. Salient quotes:
"The Diocese of Orange has offered $50 million to buy Crystal Cathedral’s 40-acre campus and convert the landmark church into a Catholic cathedral, part of a plan to allow Crystal Cathedral Ministries, which operates the church, to
emerge from bankruptcy proceedings
. "
"The diocese has pledged to erase Crystal Cathedral’s debt: all creditors would be paid by the end of the year, with some cash left over for the ministry, Mr. Martin said.

Still, it is not clear exactly how the diocese would finance a $50 million purchase. In 2004, the diocese paid around $100 million to settle a sexual abuse lawsuit — at the time, the largest such settlement for any diocese in the United States, which led to layoffs and budget cuts."

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