Monday, November 14, 2011

November Pilgrimage moves north Albany

Every year in the middle of November, tens of thousands of believers gather in Vilnius for the annual pilgrimage to honor Our Lady of Vilnius in the Gates of Dawn.

The streets are covered with wood, and kept especially clean, as many pilgrims approach the chapel and climb the stairwell to the icon on their knees. For eight days, Masses, prayer services, recitations of the rosary, and communal meditations occur around the clock.

The culmination of these days of prayer is the feast of our Patroness, known by more than one name to all that love her: Our Lady of Vilnius, Our Lady of Ostra Brama and the Mother of Mercy of the Gate of Dawn, among others.

On the eve of the feast, as devotees all over the world honor and petition our Vilnius Marija, the case of Our Lady of Vilnius, NYC will be heard in Albany at the NY State Court of Appeals. Join us during this sacred time to pray for the preservation of Our Lady of Vilnius parish and church:

Hail Mary, full of grace,

Theotokos, and Mother of all mankind. Pray for your children in their times of suffering and need. Mother of Peace and Truth, Mother of our Savior, Queen of heaven and earth, pray that we imitate your Son in our lives and in our deaths. Spouse of the Holy Spirit, obtain for us the graces of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit that we may claim our eternal inheritance after living a holy life. Be with us always as we conform ourselves to the will of God.

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