Thursday, March 29, 2012

NY Times blog notes Our Lady of Vilnius provenance of newly landmarked building

David Dunlap's City Room blog post "Four New (Very Old) Landmarks" makes mention of 32 Dominick Street's history as Our Lady of Vilnius parish rectory. Indeed, a history of bare necessity maintenance has left the building as the most pristine example of Federal architecture of the three neighbors accorded landmark status:

"Only one of them, 32 Dominick Street, might ordinarily warrant a second glance. It still looks very much like a Federal-style house: two and a half stories high, with a steeply pitched roof and two stout dormers."
I hope and pray that this status protects the building from demolition. I wonder what impact the landmark status will have on real estate transactions involving the church. I will treasure the memories that I have of sitting among friends in the eccentric, shabby clutter of the rectory office and parlor, sharing good fellowship an many a good laugh.

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