Tuesday, April 10, 2012

History Repeating: St. Vincent de Paul

I am dipping into a treasure trove of recent news that went unblogged due to Holy Week and Easter. Today, I am bringing back David Dunlap's Aprit 5th piece about the future closing of the Francophone parish of St. Vincent de Paul, A French Church Nears Its End, but Not Without a Contretemps. The piece puts the closing in the context of its history and its value to the living stones that comprise the parish. It is hard for me not to substitute "Lithuanian" for "French" or "Francophone" and not relive the effort to save Our Lady of Vilnius, church and parish. I hope and pray that the archdiocese does right by this community.

Please follow the link to the online version of this article, which features a lovely slideshow of the interior and is followed by reader comments.

Meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure I am reprising Shirley Bassey's rendition of "History Repeating:"

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Ellen Halloran said...

Interesting that the Archdiocese employs the same modus operandi here (Church of St. Vincent de Paul) as it used in our own church (Our Lady of Vilnius) - refusing to make a repair and letting the building fall in to further disrepair. I recently heard Council Speaker Quinn declare that landlords would not be allowed to use this method in order to vacate a building but I guess the idea doesn't apply to churches of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York.
Do you think the Archdiocese will choose the same blue paint to deface the murals in this church as it did in our own?