Monday, June 29, 2015

Archdiocese of New York Pastor Announces 8/1 Departure

Departing Pastors Make Way for Corporate Board Shuffle

When I attended Mass this Sunday, the Pastor announced that he would be leaving as of August 1 and didn't know where he was going to be sent.  He struggled to maintain his composure and the congregation was shocked.  At the end of Mass, there was a long line down the center aisle as everyone in attendance waited to shake the Pastor's hand, much like waiting to pay respects at a wake,

I will address the emotional aspect of this later.  Right now I want to call your attention to these facts:

  • Parishes in the Archdiocese of New York are legal corporations under civil law
  • Parishes are incorporated under New York State Religious Corporation Law
  • The fate of a church is in the hands of the corporate trustees, who have to vote if the church is to assume any purpose other than a house of worship
  • The board of trustees consists of the Cardinal, the Vicar General, the Pastor and 2 lay trustees appointed by the Pastor.
  • The composition of the board is critical to the archdiocese maintaining control over parish assets
  • Because the stakes are so high, the board that votes on the fate of a church is carefully chosen to assure that everyone votes the way the Cardinal wishes.
A theological argument for the movement of pastors can be advanced, but the timing speaks to a corporate motivation.

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Anonymous said...

Donald Trump and Cardinals Egan and Dolan made a pact to get money by demolishing an ethnic church. Now Donald Trump wants to make America great and Dolan looks for more lucrative deals to sell churches. Trump disqualifies himself for the high office and Dolan is no spiritual head. W.C.Fields said that you can not cheat an honest man. Trump and Dolan are crooks. What honest man would want to buy a church and what honest man would sell a church and kick out the parishioners? Saulius Simoliunas