Monday, November 09, 2015

Making all Thing$ (Reve)Nue

The Sunday NY Times Real Estate Section ran a piece titled "Luxury Condos in a Former NoLIta Orphanage"  

Salient quote:
" last year the Archdiocese of New York sold it for $30.7 million to Time Equities and Hamlin Ventures. Last month, sales began for the Residences at Prince, a seven-unit condo at 34 Prince Street to be completed next fall. Sales for the two townhouses, also part of the development, have not yet started."

The former Old St. Patrick's Cathedral School at 32 Prince Street resides in the 10012 zip code, #4 on Forbes List of America's Most Expensive Zip Codes.

According to the article selling price for the condos will start at $7.74 million.  

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