Friday, December 18, 2015

The Father Peter Miqueli Story: Reasonable coverage from a reliable source

Yesterday Peter Feuerherd of the National Catholic Reporter presented the most balanced account of this story that I have read to date: Bronx parish pastor resigns amid widely publicized scandal.

In the article Feuerherd paraphrases Joseph Zwilling's statement as:
"Archdiocesan spokesman Joseph Zwilling, in Catholic New York, the archdiocesan newspaper, said that the investigation by the archdiocese revealed sloppy accounting practices at the parish but no embezzlement. 
In the Catholic New York article cited by Feuerherd, Bronx Pastor Steps Down Following Lawsuit,  Zwilling is quoted as saying, "We have asked the people who are making these charges to please provide us with documentation, but they have thus far failed to do so.”

To which this cub reporter for the Our Lady of Vilnius Weekly would ask:
  • Why did you use the word "failed" instead of saying that "The people who are making these charges were asked to provide us with documentation but have not done so"?
  • Was the word "failed" specifically chosen to encourage the reader to infer that the "documentation" does not exist and that the allegations are spurious?
  • Is the Archdiocese of New York the proper recipient of this "documentation", or could it also be called "evidence" and be more effectively submitted elsewhere?

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