Friday, April 22, 2016

Music for Earth Day

I enjoyed singing "Stewards of  Earth" to the tune of Sibelius' Finlandia at Saint Stanislaus Kostka.  Here is the lyric:
All praise to you, O Lord of all creation;
You made the world, and it is yours alone,
The planet earth you spun in its location
Amid the stars adorning heaven's dome.
We lease the earth but for a life's duration,
Yet for this life it is our cherished home.

With grace you clothed the earth in splendor;
With teeming life you filled the sea and land.
Instill in us a sense of awe and wonder,
When we behold the bounty of your hand.
Then when we hear the voice of bird or thunder,
We hear the voice our faith can understand.

To tend the earth is our entrusted duty,
For earth is ours to use and not abuse,
O gracious Lord, true Source of all resources,
Forgive our greed that wields destruction's sword.
Then let us serve as wise and faithful stewards,
While earth gives glory to creation's Lord.
I couldn't find a good video of a chorus singing it, but here is an inspiring bunch of Finnish guys singing Finlandia flash-mob style.  Hit it, boys!

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