Monday, May 30, 2016

Is "Defiance" the hallmark of Scituate?

Today's New York Times visits Scituate and delivers "After 12 Years of Defiance, a Massachusetts Congregation Goes in Peace" by Jess Bidgood.

These parishioners are the same beloved people that stand beside us in prayer all over the United States.  The article focuses on 12 years of defiance, but there are so many nouns to choose from: "love." "devotion," "community," "faith."

The article references a a statement from the Boston archdiocese quoting:
"In a statement, the archdiocese said it hoped the congregants would join other parishes. “Their sense of loss from the closing of the parish is understandable,” the statement said. “For this reason the archdiocese kept its commitment to allow the appeals process to conclude both in civil and canonical courts.”
While using the press op to advertise is goodness and good faith, the archdiocese expresses its hope that the "congregants" would join other parishes.  By not preserving the community and designating a receiving parish the diocese paved the way to collect the assets instead of dedicating them to the pastoral care of the intact community of faith.

Some intrepid journalist in the land of Spotlight, should cover this next outward ripple from the sex abuse scandal and follow the money.

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