Monday, February 27, 2017

10th Anniversary of the Locking of Our Lady of Vilnius: Herself

Yesterday I mounted a photo of Our Lady of Vilnius and a photo of the church on each side of a peace of posterboard and set out on a small pilgrimage to acknowledge the day that I found Our Lady of Vilnius had been locked, February 26, 2007.

I sat on the train with Our Lady facing me, and so I studied her for a long time.  Her expression is very complex and I couldn't quite grasp it.  This was the altar icon in our church.  The photo, by Charles "Chuck" Lopez, puts more orange into the image as well as elongating it.  It is not an exact replica of the icon, but I like it.  The painting was created by a married couple of artists, Tadas and Helen Sviderskis.  I was sad to hear that Tadas passed away in 2008.  Helen survived him and is still working.  I wonder if our Virgin Mary resembles her.

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