Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Search for Truth Department: Pope Francis blesses a real estate transaction?

The most recent print issue Catholic New York, the archdiocese's house organ, features an article titled "Pope Francis Blesses Our Lady of Peace Church Sale to Egyptian Coptics"

Here is the part about the papal blessing:

"The overall tone of the letter was hopeful—in no small part due to the blessing of Pope Francis for the Egyptian Coptics to purchase the church to use as their cathedral. “Some months ago, Cardinal Dolan had the occasion to introduce the New York Egyptian Coptic Orthodox bishop, His Grace Bishop David, to the Holy Father, at which time they spoke about their dream to purchase Our Lady of Peace as their cathedral,” the letter states.

“Pope Francis was delighted to learn that your parish, together with the archdiocese, was interested in assisting the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church, in this way,” Bishop O’Hara wrote. Pope Tawadros II of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church and Pope Francis “have communicated with each other” and “both popes have given their blessings.”

  •  The item above states that Pope Tawadros II and Pope Francis and Pope Francis "have communicated with each other."  It does not specify that the communication was about Or Lady of Peace Church
  • The paragraph above states that both Popes have given their blessings.  It does not identify the recipient of the blessings.
The style, the spin, the mental reservation all remind me of the PR materials spewed about the closing of Our Lady of Vilnius.  It's history repeating!

Hit it, Shirley!

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