Thursday, September 07, 2006

Does Someone Want Our Land ?

The story in The Villager that first presented our plight to the public quotes Zwilling, the Archdiocesan spokesman as saying "It's also not a very attractive location-right by the tunnel".

  • NY Times, 8/20/06 An Apartment With a View, and a Catch: Across New York City, Some Renters Say The Angst Is Worth It Our next-door neighbor, 572 Broome Street is highlighted. Mrs. Sousa does not express very much angst. Maybe developers have decided that it is worth it, too.

  • Lofter1 on Wired New York excerpts the Villager article and annotates Zwilling's quote as follows: “It’s also not a very attractive location — right by the tunnel,” he added. (Note: Maybe not an attractive location to some, but that's not stopping others from building at the edge of the Holland Tunnel entrance.)

  • In the discussion thread that follows, Lofter1 presents 5 sites within 1 block of the church for which developments are being constructed and 2 properties within that radius that seem ripe for the picking.

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