Monday, September 25, 2006

Meanwhile, back at St. Brigid's ...

Court hears St. Brigid's could be stabilized permanently for $324K

This Irish Echo article by Peter McDermott from the September 20-26 issue informs us of the following:
  • Engineer Richard Herschlag asserts that St. Brigid's could be permanently stabilized for $324K. The Archdiocese of New York asserts that it would take $7 million.

  • "But the liveliest courtroom debate took place over the role of the five-person Board of Trustees that was supposed to oversee the governance of the 1848 church. The Archdiocese's lead attorney John Callagy said that the Catholic church was hierarchical and thus wasn't under any obligation to consult parishioners, who were not legally "members" as might be the case in other denominations." (My emphasis (bold text))

Speaking of denominations, maybe embattled parishioners should keep their bills in their wallets until this issue is clarified.

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