Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Professionally Orchestrated Silence

Cardinal's Low Profile Attracts Attention
New York Sun,July 28, 2006

And well it should. I learned from this article that the archdiocese employs the public relations firm of Howard Rubenstein to do just that. Click on the link to learn more about this firm.

The article contrasts Cardinal Egan's public persona with those of past Archbishops Cooke and O'Connor, spinning the Cardinal's apparent remoteness into a triumph of substance over style. The evaluations of Cardinal Egan's performance presented in the article are, not surprisingly, uniformly positive. One of those quoted is Mr. Rubenstein himself, whose public relations firm handles press for George Steinbrenner as well as for the Archdiocese.

In this piece Egan is lauded for erasing the New York Archdiocese's $20,000,000 annual operating deficit. The article paraphrases Father Richard John Neuhaus, who praises the Cardinal "for facilitating a smooth church realignment, including school closings, which has been "relatively peaceful" when compared to diocese shake-ups in cities like Boston, Detroit and Cleveland.""

There's nothing like a professionally orchestrated silence.

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